Telling Stories through Art and Adventure

My art reflects my passion for exploring the world and its many wonders. Through my writing and watercolour paintings, I seek to capture the beauty of nature, the magic of history, and the richness of folklore. I am inspired by the places I have visited and the people I have met during my travels. I strive to bring the vivid colors and unique stories of the world to life on paper, creating art that is both enchanting and meaningful. My work celebrates the diversity of cultures, traditions, and lifestyles that make our planet so special. I strive to capture the spirit of the places I visit, as well as the memories and stories I collect along the way. My work is a way to honour the past, celebrate the present and explore the possibilities of the future. By exploring the beauty of the natural world, the stories of the past, and the legends of folklore, I hope to bring a little bit of the world into everyone's home.

I am a writer, embarking on a unique journey throughout the Nordic region and beyond, driven by a passion for storytelling that weaves together elements of nature, history, folklore, and everyday life. My work unfolds as I immerse myself in various locales for extended periods of 1-3 months, where I find inspiration in the ordinary and the extraordinary.

At the heart of my creative endeavors lies a book series of modern Nordic folk tales, with a new series of European tales also emerging. These narratives transcend the brevity of conventional short stories, with individual stories being published incrementally. However, the grand vision is to compile them into a larger, cohesive work.

What ignites my curiosity is the intersection of history as a science and storytelling as an art form. This dual fascination fuels my exploration of both historical accounts and the rich tapestry of folklore. I am intrigued by the ways in which the past resonates in the present, and my Nordic series is a testament to my desire to unearth the role of folklore and mythology in contemporary Nordic society. Is there a shared narrative that transcends time and connects us all?

My creative process is uniquely unstructured. As I embark on artist residencies across Nordic countries, I arrive with a blank slate, allowing the essence of the region to guide my storytelling. Research begins on-site, involving deep dives into books, articles, local yearbooks, and newspapers. Museums and cultural institutions become my classrooms, but my most valuable insights often come from the streets, nature, and engaging conversations with locals and fellow artists.

Yet, above all, I am guided by curiosity. It may be sparked by a ripple on a fjord in the Faroe Islands, the enigma of witches in Lofoten's folklore, or the nickname "The Island of the Widows" in Åland's Eckerö. This curiosity is my creative compass, propelling me to craft compelling narratives that encapsulate the essence of each place I visit.

To complete the narrative experience, I complement my stories with intricate watercolor illustrations, enriching each tale with vivid visual storytelling.

Join me on this voyage of discovery, where stories emerge from the very landscapes that inspire them, bridging the gap between the past and the present, and celebrating the beauty of our shared human experience.

Last updated September 2023